Honey Heals Skin

11/25/14 Tuesday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

You may remember that October 14 I skinned my knee pretty deeply when we first arrived at Colonial Williamsburg. Over a month it was still “wet” and needing very large bandages. At my niece’s wedding at the end of October, my brother, who is a bee keeper, responded to my wistful wondering if there was something that would help it heal. He said RAW honey has remarkable healing qualities when it comes to the skin. I even mentioned this to the apothecary lady at Colonial Williamsburg. She agreed, stating that there were studies that show that when honey was applied to burns they healed three times faster than when no honey was put on them. I heartily agree. I could see how the honey helped everyday. I’m noting this now because a few days ago the weather was warm enough I could wear shorts and thus put the honey on my “owie” without the bandage. Now I don’t need either the bandage or honey. Freedom!! How amazing our bodies are, to heal like they do.

As for today, it rained hard all day except for the brief time we took to get our groceries. Thank heavens John timed it to return by 10:30 am when the big rains started. So we were really cooped up in our rig for the day. I finished a book I’d picked up at the book exchange here at the campground a couple days ago. John played with his spreadsheets, now on his new computer. In the afternoon we watched TV and I worked on Internet projects.

I thought our rain leaks are basically solved. Well this downpour showed that we’re tight and dry except for 1 spot. What a pain! Worked to keep it dry.

We played 2 games of “13” yesterday and I won both. In one game I only had 5 points at the end. Good luck sure is fun to work with! Supper was one of John’s favorite crock pot recipes: Cranberry Pork Roast. It calls for fresh cranberries, so this was the time to make it. Naturally he has to have his potatoes and gravy with it. Then pumpkin pie for desert. Comfort food on a very rainy day.

“Dancing With The Stars” lasted until 11 pm-way past our bedtime. So glad Alphonso won the mirror ball.

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day When We’re Not Here!

rain 1 rain 2

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PPLmotorhomes.COM for Information Re Selling An RV

11/24/14 Monday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

Right off the bat we had a couple communication issues this morning. I thought we were going to Winter Garden to check out the basement storage area in a Newmar RV. John watched his TV shows as usual. At 10, with the TV still going I said shouldn’t we get going? He said he thought we weren’t, that’s why he watched those shows. He could have recorded them. I called the dealership to see if they had any of the new models we’d seen in the brochure. No, they said, but they’d keep a look out for them. At that point we determined it wasn’t worth the hour drive there just to measure the storage area. Having seen the other floor plans I was pretty sure I didn’t want to struggle to get into the model we’d seen there before. So we stayed home. Since it was threatening rain on/off most of the day, we found things to do in the rig that afternoon. I washed clothes and cleaned house. John worked on a project to put all our RV friends’ information in a new spreadsheet. We also managed a good walk around the campground before lunch.

*Note this paragraph is about selling your motor home. Friends here had told us what great information a website company gave them regarding selling their RV, so at one point I called PPL Motor homes. The salesman took my information, letting me know that an appraiser will call within 48 hours with the results. After our dinner I got the call. This company (around since 1972) only buys/trade ins/sells used RVs. They make 10% profit on each deal. He explained that our rig (they’d asked questions on its condition), with a retail value on NADA of $X was worth about $X to $X. If they took it on consignment it would probably sell for $X to $X. (They would keep 10% of the amount it actually sold for). They would outright buy it from us for $X (less than the consignment selling price). Dealers would see its trade-in value as $X to $X. If they tell you anything differently, it’s because they’re looking for more profit-probably by raising the selling price of the RV you want to buy from them as they raise the amount they’ll pay for your rig. Something I’d figured out with prior negotiations. A lot also depends on how quickly/easily they think they could sell your coach. He said dealers like to start their valuation of your rig at “25% back of book”. That is, wholesale value less 25%. He also noted that PPL makes 10% on the used vehicles they sell. Sometimes the owner wants it sold very quickly, thus it’s offered for a “steal.” Also, he said that the dealers make a LOT more profit with new rigs than they do with used ones. That probably explains why we seem to keep getting directed to new rigs that we can’t afford. I really like how everything is so up front with this company. This is great information to help in understanding what the dealer is thinking about your rig’s value. They also happen to be in Texas (New Braunfels and Houston), right near John’s sister who we’re visiting this coming spring.

For a change, we enjoyed a card game (“13”) after supper: I won the first by 50 points, John won the next by 1 point. My lucky day. “Dancing With The Stars” was a great finish to another really quiet day.

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Rain Storms On and Off All Day Plus Heat

11/23/14 Sunday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

We made our big batch of pancake mix, then ate our yummy pancakes (mine with berries, John’s with chocolate chips). Next we drive to church. John remembered a road had been under construction and left us wandering for some time last year to find the church. We were sure it would be finished by now. Not so. Thus my Waze GPS saved the day. St. Vincent de Paul Church is huge and not large enough for all the people – they filled the parking lots and were on the grass. So large they needed ushers (at 15 minutes before Mass) to help people find a place to sit. They even were so organized as to have the children all sitting in a spot up front so when they were called to leave for their time with scripture, they all came from that place. Great cantor and choir. Music can be so inspiring.

The rest of our day was quite restful-more RV research by myself, along with little chores I’d been wanting to do: cleaning/polishing the Kitchen cabinets and cleaning out a medicine cabinet and junk drawer. John was ambitiously transferring programs and files from his old computer to his new one Streets and Trips and the POI megafile (no longer being offered), the printer driver and his spreadsheets.

Amidst all this we got in a walk between rain showers. I talked with my sister and we talked with our son.

On our walk: a bit of fall, still.

wild 1


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Rain and RV Research

11/22/14 Saturday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

Rainy morning so I spent my time researching Thor Motor Coach. Eric has a 2013 Thor Tuscany 34ST available. Similar floor plan to the WN/Itasca 34T. We are inclined to the Winnebego/Itasca line for its quality.

In the really rainy afternoon I got to researching the Newmar Ventana models. While considering the Ventana LE 3812, we discovered a couple floor plans that really excite me: Ventana LE 3635 and 3849. There don’t seem to be many around for sale, though.

We topped off our indoor day (my rear even got sore from the sitting) with a DVR tape of “12 Years A Slave.” Great movie.

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Warmer Day, Taking Photos of Miss Zanzibar

11/21/14 Friday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

Spent the cold morning catching up with blog and Internet activities as John watched his TV shows. He was mightily disappointed yesterday to not find any METV, but then he’d found TVLand on the Satellite. More of the same. Guess he needs to rest.

I called a couple more dealerships and got into a long conversation with Eric regarding our trade in, then set about taking photos of Miss Zanzibar to send to him.  Some people have suggested that we not let the salesman know that we have a trade in, but I have a hard time with what to say when they ask: “Do you have anything to trade in?”  This effort at photography and lunch took until 2 pm when I insisted we get out into that glorious sunshine and walk! We stopped to visit with Denise. Her John was out learning more about banjo playing with a friend, arriving in time to visit with us before we left for supper.

Just for fun I’ll post one of those images from our Miss Zanzibar, taken yesterday.  She is for sale.  2003 Safari Zanzibar 3913 with Queen bed and 3 slides.  $65,000

zan 1

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Moving on – to Wildwood, FL!

11/20/14 Thursday in Wildwood, FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

Moving on to Wildwood Fl you say? Aren’t you already there? Well we moved a whopping 3.7 miles down the same road!! That’s my favorite kind of move. Extremely short and simple.

We paid our bill to Alliance (for the entry door latch), then watched TV until 10 am when we left. Naturally we didn’t hook up the car. I got to drive behind the rig. Didn’t have to even turn on the GPS! Since we’d cased out the campground the day before, we had a good idea which spot we wanted and luckily it was still open.

We really like Three Flags. It has a wooded area for those who like that and an open area for us TV nuts. Nice asphalt roads to grassy pull through sites (in open area) with FHU, including strong 50 amps (free). Great Verizon and satellite TV receptions. Very helpful staff. Neat – you can’t tell where the annuals are (noted on the board in the office).

As we were setting up, we got to talking to Denise and John. They loved our coach, outside and inside. They are experts at negotiating and have lots of ideas to consider when purchasing an RV. They have sensitive noses, even determining if mold was growing in a rig. I asked them to “nose test” our rig. They concluded it smelled very clean; there were no mold, pet, smoke or strange smells. Yay! In excitement over the thought of trading in our oh-so-clean rig, we also cleaned up the shower and batteries.

At this point it was lunch time. I started our crock pot meal but needed a couple ingredients so John kindly dashed off to the grocery store only 3 miles away. Not a normal experience when camping. Grocery stores are often far away. Then we were did more RV research until we took a break and watched Gonzaga basketball. We finished off the evening with our Stroganoff and TV.

NOTE: Since are focusing on efforts to find “our” RV, I may have infrequent blog breaks due to that process or even because we’d found our new home.

As we sit in Three Flags:

wildwood 1

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Really Cold Day For RV Research

11/19/14 Wednesday in Wildwood,FL (Alliance Coach and RV Sales-free)

John brought our water filters in for the night because it got to freezing last night.

After a quick breakfast we brought in our slides and took up the jacks for Matt, then we drove to the RV Show at Lake County Fairgrounds, meeting David from Camping World there. He showed us a 2011 Newmar Ventana. Really nice condition but Atwood (electric) levelers and not great basement storage. We’ve heard of problems with those levelers (gear breaking) and that they aren’t as strong and stable as the hydraulic levelers.

Found a Steak and Shake fast food spot for lunch, then traveled on to LaMesa RV in Sanford. There we learned that Florida is number 1 in RV sales: 27%. Number 2 is California, but their sales cost 8% more due to more government regulations. Now this was a salesman talking, but it makes sense to me. I’d think Texas would be 3rd, but the conversation had moved on before I could ask. All the dealers seem to be short on used rigs. One (David) explained that the locals have been buying up the used vehicles, but because they’re starting in the RV world they aren’t trading in other used coaches. So we just had a couple to really examine at LaMesa, no shorter (33′-36′) rigs were available, so we looked at longer ones. Discouraging.

After a long drive home we found out that Matt could find no leaks whatsoever, but in an abundance of caution he put a new bead of urethane over the outside top of the windshield and more silicone around the clearance lights above it. No charge. Whew!! John thinks it was simply heavy condensation of the fog/steam on our inside of the windshield. Lori said she has seen that in her car.

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