We Bought a 2012 Winnebago Journey 36M!

12/8/14 Monday in Clermont,FL (Orlando Resort-TT)

Coming up for air for a moment with a synopsis of our week:

Saturday: Called LaMesa to ask if the 2012 Journey (in Tucson) was still for sale, got talked into buying it. Little sleep that night.

Sunday: Called LaMesa to tell them we wouldn’t drive it to Sanford, FL, so no deal. More negotiating that evening. They’ll drive it for us, for a reasonable price. Little sleep that night.

Monday: We drive Safari to LaMesa in Sanford, FL where it passes their inspection. Little sleep that night.

Tuesday: We fly Southwest Airlines (our first time with SWA-LOVE that airline) to Tucson,AZ and inspect it. In excellent shape. In the whirlwind, forgot to take photos. Stay in airport motel (LaQuinta, first time, LOVE their accommodations/breakfast/price). Little sleep that night.

Wednesday: We fly back to Orlando, FL then settle into Betty/Denny’s RV, parked near their home in Longwood,FL. Better sleep that night.

Thursday: We’d planned to rest but spent the day driving; one hour drive to Wildwood,FL to pick up mail delivered after we’d left, another hour drive to Sanford,FL to pack up Safari (Kitchen) items. I got sidetracked computer work. There we found out the Journey probably wouldn’t leave Tucson until Monday, thus may not arrive until Thursday (12/11) where Sanford La Mesa needs a couple of days with the rig. Probably won’t be ready for delivery until the next Monday (12/15). Then another hour’s drive to Betty/Denny’s. On the way we thought to take advantage of our rebate coupon for a TT cabin for 1 week each year. Slept better again.

Friday: Finally a real day of rest. John’s back was very sore. We took a walk and spent time in Betty/Denny’s hot tub.

Saturday: Drove to LaMesa in Sanford to get food and such packed up to take to a cabin in Clermont (Orlando TT preserve). Armed with additional plastic bins borrowed from Betty/Denny we also managed to pack up items (Bedroom, Bathroom) we’ll be moving into the Journey.

Sunday: Church in the morning, then relaxed in Betty/Denny’s RV. That night we relaxed in their hot tub. This time John didn’t fall off the deck, although he did knock his glasses off the hot tub to below the decking. Thankfully, he could spot them with his flashlight and had enough arm to reach them. That night it rained hard all night, making loud sounds on the bedroom roof. John managed some sleep but I didn’t.

Monday: Up early, packed all our things into the car, completed some business calls. After an early lunch we drove to Orlando for our dentist appointments (teeth cleaning), then drove back to Betty/Denny’s to get our food, then on to Orlando-TT cabin during rush hour. Stopped at grocery store on our way. At the cabin in time for supper and TV. I fell asleep on the sofa. On our way we called LaMesa in AZ. The Journey was in Mississippi at noon then (Monday 12/8).

Time to relax with friends!  We’re in A23, if you’re in the area.

cabin 1 cabin 2


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John Finds 2012 Winnebago Journey 36M on Internet

11/29/14 Saturday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

We’ve been in heavy conversations regarding our purchase of this coach. You can see it on www.lamesarv.com. Select Winnebago, select Journey (all), 2nd page (bottom).

Late Sunday we committed ourselves. Now we need to fly to Tuscon to inspect it, sign all the paperwork and get the 2 hour instructions. Tomorrow (Monday) we’ll bring our coach to Sanford for them to inspect. We’ve just purchased tickets to leave Tuesday (12/2) and return Wednesday (12/3). Once we’ve said yes to the purchase they’ll start driving it here (to Sanford). We need to pack our “stuff”, so it’s going to be crazy busy for some time. Thus you won’t be hearing from us for a while. Pretty exciting and scary.

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Black Friday and Glasses

11/28/14 Friday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

John and I are not shoppers by nature, so we’ve avoided the Black Friday struggle (except for a couple times when we thought we’d at least give it a try). Today we ventured out even though we were sure to run in to lots of traffic. To be honest, we were happy to note that the traffic we met wasn’t all that bad.

First piece of business: get to Costco (57 miles away) to get my glasses repaired. They did a great job (free)! How glorious to see clearly again! As they were replacing the mono-filament (fishing line) element that had broken, we looked around and found tennis shoes for me! We’ve been looking at any Costco we’ve been to for about a year and finally, we found some. Yay! We completed our Costco visit with their cheap yet yummy lunch: combo pizza slice for me and hot dog with fixings and pop for John ($3.70 total). You don’t have to be a Costco member to buy their snack/lunch items available as you walk in.

To make our long trip efficient we stopped at Independence RV to measure the basement storage area in their 2014 (leftover) Newmar Ventana 3812. While he was at it, John measured the same in the Ventana LE 3433. Our salesman was off today, but another assisted us, even inviting John to drive the 3433. So he did. It was great, even driving on the Turnpike. Great turning radius too (they call it a 55 degree wheel cut).

Finally, we headed for the Orlando TT campground (in Clermont) to check out the rigs they have for sale (thru LaMesa RV). None really fit our parameters. We had a great time looking, though, because our friend Greg joined us in our search. He is camping there now.

It was getting dark and closer to supper time, so we headed home. Wonderful fish dinner with the special treat of pumpkin pie for desert. But wait, there’s more! Our Spokane Gonzaga basketball team was playing St. John’s for the NIT Championship. What a great game-close the whole time. Gonzaga managed to get 15 points ahead once, but St. John’s crawled back to be under by only 3 points at seconds before the end. We pulled it off, though, 66-73. Great end to a fun day.

A peak at the other pond created by our big rain the other day:

pond 2


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Happy Thanksgiving!

11/27/14 Thursday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

Such a glorious sunny day. It’s so easy to feel thankful on a day like this – for our family, friends, health, and this life on the road. The hardest part of this life is not being near family for the holidays. We plan to be in Spokane July 2015, so we’ll be spending our family time in the summers instead of the wintertime. It’s that spending time that counts in the end.

Sleep-in, lazy morning as I made our cranberry salad for the campground potluck at 1 pm.

I got a swift reminder of something to be thankful for: eyesight! As I stood up (before our potluck), the lens fell out of my glasses. The plastic line that holds it in had broken. Hmm. It has been almost 2 years since my last prescription, about 4 years since I got new glasses. Besides eyesight, I am really thankful for having a spare pair of old glasses. I am REALLY nearsighted. May not be typing much for the blog until this is resolved.

Three Flags sponsored a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, providing the turkey, potatoes and gravy while we all brought a side dish or desert. What a large group and what a spread!!! We had a great time, meeting new people and visiting with friends. For our afternoon we relaxed at our coach, then had a late and light supper. Life is good.

Here is a glimpse of the pond created by our 6 inches of rain.

pond 1

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Rain By The Bucketfuls and Condensation Drips

11/26/14 Wednesday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

It rained during the night on top of the heavy rain yesterday so John measured the amount that is in our bucket (that holds our water filters upright): almost 6 inches! By the way, he took the filters out before measuring. Also this morning our drips showed up on our windshield. Now I’m certain they’re from condensation because if you look at the upper right area you can see the dark drip lines start below the top edge of the windshield.

rain 3

This morning’s rain lightened up to blue skies by lunch time, so we went to Alliance Coach to check out the Thor rigs they have and learn more about that manufacturer. We also made an appointment for repair of our leak. Then back home for a nice campground walk. Then we had an early supper so we could watch the “feature” movie at the lodge: a documentary, “Bears.” It had great photography, but was more geared for children.

Back at the rig we enjoyed our taped TV shows.

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Honey Heals Skin

11/25/14 Tuesday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

You may remember that October 14 I skinned my knee pretty deeply when we first arrived at Colonial Williamsburg. Over a month it was still “wet” and needing very large bandages. At my niece’s wedding at the end of October, my brother, who is a bee keeper, responded to my wistful wondering if there was something that would help it heal. He said RAW honey has remarkable healing qualities when it comes to the skin. I even mentioned this to the apothecary lady at Colonial Williamsburg. She agreed, stating that there were studies that show that when honey was applied to burns they healed three times faster than when no honey was put on them. I heartily agree. I could see how the honey helped everyday. I’m noting this now because a few days ago the weather was warm enough I could wear shorts and thus put the honey on my “owie” without the bandage. Now I don’t need either the bandage or honey. Freedom!! How amazing our bodies are, to heal like they do.

As for today, it rained hard all day except for the brief time we took to get our groceries. Thank heavens John timed it to return by 10:30 am when the big rains started. So we were really cooped up in our rig for the day. I finished a book I’d picked up at the book exchange here at the campground a couple days ago. John played with his spreadsheets, now on his new computer. In the afternoon we watched TV and I worked on Internet projects.

I thought our rain leaks are basically solved. Well this downpour showed that we’re tight and dry except for 1 spot. What a pain! Worked to keep it dry.

We played 2 games of “13” yesterday and I won both. In one game I only had 5 points at the end. Good luck sure is fun to work with! Supper was one of John’s favorite crock pot recipes: Cranberry Pork Roast. It calls for fresh cranberries, so this was the time to make it. Naturally he has to have his potatoes and gravy with it. Then pumpkin pie for desert. Comfort food on a very rainy day.

“Dancing With The Stars” lasted until 11 pm-way past our bedtime. So glad Alphonso won the mirror ball.

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day When We’re Not Here!

rain 1 rain 2

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PPLmotorhomes.COM for Information Re Selling An RV

11/24/14 Monday in Wildwood,FL (Three Flags-TT/MA)

Right off the bat we had a couple communication issues this morning. I thought we were going to Winter Garden to check out the basement storage area in a Newmar RV. John watched his TV shows as usual. At 10, with the TV still going I said shouldn’t we get going? He said he thought we weren’t, that’s why he watched those shows. He could have recorded them. I called the dealership to see if they had any of the new models we’d seen in the brochure. No, they said, but they’d keep a look out for them. At that point we determined it wasn’t worth the hour drive there just to measure the storage area. Having seen the other floor plans I was pretty sure I didn’t want to struggle to get into the model we’d seen there before. So we stayed home. Since it was threatening rain on/off most of the day, we found things to do in the rig that afternoon. I washed clothes and cleaned house. John worked on a project to put all our RV friends’ information in a new spreadsheet. We also managed a good walk around the campground before lunch.

*Note this paragraph is about selling your motor home. Friends here had told us what great information a website company gave them regarding selling their RV, so at one point I called PPL Motor homes. The salesman took my information, letting me know that an appraiser will call within 48 hours with the results. After our dinner I got the call. This company (around since 1972) only buys/trade ins/sells used RVs. They make 10% profit on each deal. He explained that our rig (they’d asked questions on its condition), with a retail value on NADA of $X was worth about $X to $X. If they took it on consignment it would probably sell for $X to $X. (They would keep 10% of the amount it actually sold for). They would outright buy it from us for $X (less than the consignment selling price). Dealers would see its trade-in value as $X to $X. If they tell you anything differently, it’s because they’re looking for more profit-probably by raising the selling price of the RV you want to buy from them as they raise the amount they’ll pay for your rig. Something I’d figured out with prior negotiations. A lot also depends on how quickly/easily they think they could sell your coach. He said dealers like to start their valuation of your rig at “25% back of book”. That is, wholesale value less 25%. He also noted that PPL makes 10% on the used vehicles they sell. Sometimes the owner wants it sold very quickly, thus it’s offered for a “steal.” Also, he said that the dealers make a LOT more profit with new rigs than they do with used ones. That probably explains why we seem to keep getting directed to new rigs that we can’t afford. I really like how everything is so up front with this company. This is great information to help in understanding what the dealer is thinking about your rig’s value. They also happen to be in Texas (New Braunfels and Houston), right near John’s sister who we’re visiting this coming spring.

For a change, we enjoyed a card game (“13”) after supper: I won the first by 50 points, John won the next by 1 point. My lucky day. “Dancing With The Stars” was a great finish to another really quiet day.

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