Bowling Green: National Corvette Museum, Shaker Village and Charney Dairy Barn

4/23/14 Wednesday in Park City, KY (Diamond Caverns-TT/MA)

Gorgeous day. We all needed groceries so we’d decided to go to Bowling Green where there are Kroger stores and combine that trip with some fun field trips. First the National Corvette Museum where, in February 2014 a sink hole sucked in several Corvettes that were parked there, in the yellow building. ($8/senior +55). A little history: The original Corvette was aimed for the rich, prosperous car owners but was soon close to bankruptcy until Zora saw it and told other GM designers that it needed a more powerful engine. Management asked him several questions, soon making him the lead engineer. The rest is history-the emphasis on speed has made Corvette a top contender in the hearts of many car owners ever since. The initial emblem was of a US flag and a race flag. At the last minute someone noted that is was illegal to us the US flag in a commercial insignia, so they created a new insignia with the French Fleur-de-lis replacing the US flag flown to the first race the night before.  Note that the word Corvette was from the French for “fast sloop” because it was named after a ship in the Revolutionary war that was smaller and faster (thus highly maneuverable)  than most others of the time.  I must say I love these cars for their design, their beauty.  The last couple images are about the sink hole.  The last is actually of what we could see of the sink hole that swallowed around 10 cars.

corvette 1 corvette 2 corvette 3 corvette 4 corvette 5 corvette 6 corvette 7 corvette 8 corvette 9 corvette 10 corvette 11 corvette 12 corvette 13 corvette 14 corvette 15 corvette 16

These are several of the cars pulled out of the sink hole, starting with the first that came out.  It was so amazing to actually see such recent history in person.

cars 1 cars 2 cars 3 cars 4 cars 5 cars 6The image above is of the building where the sink hole occurred.  In front are new Corvettes ready for delivery.

The Shaker Village is near Bowling Green ($8/senior). I loved this “broadside advertisement” about their religion, so you can click on the image to enlarge it for reading. This South Union Shaker Village was founded in 1807 because Shaker missionaries discovered lots of willing converts there. By the 1830′s they had constructed 75 buildings. When the community disbanded in 1922 the Shakers had built over 225 buildings at South Union.

shaker 1 shaker 2

The Ministry Shop. Here is where the leaders lived; men downstairs and women upstairs.  The yellow floors were common for the Shakers.

shaker 3 shaker 4 shaker 5 shaker 6 shaker 7 shaker 8 shaker 9

Nearby is the foundation of the Meeting House.

meeting house

Centre House: 4 floors where they ate and lived, enjoying the latest in technology advances.

centre 1 centre 2 centre 3 centre 4 centre 5 centre 6 centre 7 centre 8 centre 9 centre 10

In the Milk/Smoke house they had an excellent demonstration of their broom making.

broom 1 broom 2 broom 3 broom 4 broom 5 broom 6

The Civil War was a turning point. The Confederates didn’t trust this group because they cared for black people and the Union soldiers didn’t think much of their pacifism. When soldiers from either side came for food or help, they provided, at a great cost to the group. Due to this great loss of resources and as fewer people wanted to join this group due to the greater prosperity of the times, the congregation diminished, from around 400 to 9. Since they were celibate they also didn’t gain members through their families. The property was sold in 1922 and the new owner destroyed many of the buildings. Only 1 living Shaker Village exists in the US today, in Maine. Neat items (made by nearby Amish) in the gift shop.

gift 1 gift 2 gift 3

Nearby on the grounds was an old farmhouse

old farmhouse

and St. Mark Monastery

St Marks

This whole place is just imbued with the peace and beauty of their lifestyle, a moving experience.

By now we were were starving. Having asked the cashier for recommendations regarding a place to eat she recommended the Charney Dairy Barn, where they serve fresh items from the farm, especially their ice cream. It completely met our expectations – great food, marvelous ice cream. Well nourished we set off for Camping World where John and I purchased an item, then to Kroger where we all got our groceries.

Outside of John’s allergy sufferings we had a great time.

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Moving on – to Park City, KY

4/22/14 Tuesday in Park City, KY (Diamond Caverns-TT/MA)

We weren’t in a big hurry to leave, largely because the weather prediction was for less rain as the day wore on. Thus we left our campsite at 9:00 am and after stopping for propane didn’t get on the Trace until 9:40 am. As luck would have it, we saw Vern and Beth heading out as we were hooking up the car. We’re taking the Trace, even though it’s slower going at 50 mph, it takes the same time and less miles as going over to I-65, with the added bonus of great picture postcard scenery. We saw lots of turkeys along our way, as well as a deer. Once we were in Nashville we stopped for fuel, then stopped for lunch at the Kentucky border Welcome Center. There was a race track there but I forgot to get a photo. We learned that all the horse farms are around Lexington, pretty far from where we’re camping. Dang.

Thankfully we never got really rained on, although the car got it’s share of mud from the campground. Plus it was cloudy and that’s great weather to travel in.

trace 1 trace 2

This was on Hwy 155 outside of Nashville:

trace 3

Ah, Kentucky, home of bourbon and world class horses.


With our long stops we arrived at Diamond Caverns campground almost an hour after our friends, around 1:30 pm. This was a nice travel day with only one very small adventure. When I got into the car after it was hooked up at Natchez Trace campground, I heard a loud buzzing sound behind me. A very large bumble bee was inside, trying to get out. At first I thought I needed to jump out and open the back door but soon realized I could just lower that window. Sure enough, the bee found it’s way out. Yay!

We relaxed once settled in. I researched places to visit then I even took a small nap. After supper we took a campground walk to loosen all those muscles, then went to visit our next door neighbors – Vern and Beth! While visiting and discussing our plans, Joe and Sandy arrived to make the party even merrier. When we stepped out to return home we saw a full dark sky of stars. Great day.

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Rio Colorado Restaurant in Hohenwald.

4/21/14 Monday in Hohenwald,TN (Natchez Trace-TT)

On my early morning walk I saw a flock (maybe 50) of goldfinches. So small and pretty. At other times we saw a pair of California quail and a fox – on the campground. Just a lovely place.

Light cleaning this morning and catching up the blog. In the afternoon John got our water filters installed and read while I researched RVs. Got tired of all that inside stuff so took a walk to Vern and Beth’s (John stayed at home and made a repair to our electronic wire holder) and visited awhile. They’re going to Diamond Caverns tomorrow, just like we are. We’re both taking the Trace north because it’s such a pleasant drive.

Special treat; we went out to dinner with Marie and her brother and wife at a great Mexican Restaurant in Hohenwald. Worth the ½ hour drive. Great prices for really well flavored food. Hard to quit. I wasn’t as thrilled with my fried catfish more because it was in a heavier batter than I’m used to. I prefer the light cornmeal batter I enjoyed at Chef Tony’s near Arly, AL. Amazing beans and guacamole. So give the place a try if you’re in the area.

dogwood 1


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Happy Easter With Friends

4/20/14 Sunday in Hohenwald,TN (Natchez Trace-TT)

The fabulous weather (in the 70′s) and great time with friends continued. We’d found out that Vern and Beth are Catholics too so we drove us all to Easter Mass in Lawrenceburg. So much fun having others to talk with while on the way. When we returned we split to change clothes and have our lunches then John and I went to their site to see their Forest River trailer and visit out in the warm spring weather – all afternoon. When we got home we talked to our sons. Such a perfect Easter. Hope everyone enjoyed life this Easter.


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Meriwether Lewis Site and Potluck

4/19/14 Saturday in Hohenwald,TN (Natchez Trace-TT)

I spent the morning getting the blog posted, then we attended the Manager’s Meeting where we met a wonderful couple from Canada: Vern and Beth. They mentioned that they were going on a hike at the Meriwether Lewis site and we said we’d love to join them. Thus after lunch they drove us all there. We’d visited this monument and Grinder’s Stand (inn) last year, but the Stand was closed when we came. This time it was open, so we could enjoy their exhibits and share them with you.

A little background: Meriwether Lewis grew up in Georgia, joined the Army, was selected to become Jefferson’s secretary, then asked to lead the Discovery Expedition to the west. He chose Clark (a leader in the scientific community) to join him. After just 2 years of amazing success on that journey he returned to become the Governor of Louisiana. Unfortunately the government decided to not honor the financial promises they’d given him, nor was it willing to cover expenses Louisiana was incurring. Lewis decided to go to Washington to give them his journals from the Corps of Discovery and ask for money. He was personally covering his costs and becoming bankrupt.

lewis 1 lewis 2 lewis 3

When he reached Grinder’s Stand, someone heard 2 shots from his room that night. Historical evidence as well as the thoughts of his best friends Clark and Jefferson indicate it was a suicide.

Then we took of on a trail down into a deep ravine. Following are images from our trek.

flower 1 flower 2 flower 3 flower 4

trees 1 trees 2 trees 3 trees 4

It as such a gorgeous day, perfect for a hike, but it was getting time for the potluck so we headed back home. Vern and Beth hadn’t known anyone here before today so they hadn’t prepared a dish to come. Wouldn’t you know!

Marie came by to let us know it was time to walk to the lodge with our dishes. We were early, but it was so worth the wait. We sat at a table with 2 other couples who have annual leased sites here. We had a great time with lots of sharing and lots of great food. John hit the deserts 3 times. I had the most dense chocolate brownie and a slice of pecan pie. Ah sugar high. Great end to a lovely day.


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Stink Bug Trap, Glenrock Branch, Napier Mine and Metal Ford

4/18/14 Friday in Hohenwald,TN (Natchez Trace-TT)

Just explored the world on our computers (with TV on in the background) this morning. Spoiled with Internet available in our RV here (with Wilson booster helping). A great tip I came across regards a trap for stink bugs. We picked up a number of them in October last year (Skyline Parkway) and are still finding them in the rig. Here is a trap for them, based on their attraction to light.

TRAP: 2 liter pop bottle (straight sided Pepsi), very well cleaned

razor blade

electrical tape (cover bottom of bottle from bottom of label to underneath)

masking tape (4 ladders)

LED light (battery operated) (Sylvania dotted silver LED) Home Depot

marker pen to push light on through funnel


Use between midnight and dawn (so they are attracted to YOUR light)

(Thanks Marie for sharing this on the Thousand Trails/Outdoor World Facebook site)


Cut top off bottle top at top of label with razor blade (smooth cut), you will turn this funnel upside down to fit inside bottle (later). Take label off – can score with razor blade. Place electrical tape (wide) around outside starting at bottom of label area. This is so none of your light escapes there, thus letting the bugs enjoy the show without going inside to see it. Place your LED light inside at the bottom, with button to turn on at top. Place masking tape on 4 “sides” that go over the top edge a bit – to help the critters get up the plastic. They’ll fall in and won’t be able to get out. In the morning you can tie a plastic bag tightly over the bottle to suffocate them, then toss them down a toilet.

Demo on YouTube by the inventor. Call 412-821-1000 to have him send you one ($25 including postage).

We got out of Dodge again, on to the Trace near our campground.

glenrock 1 glenrock 2 glenrock 3 glenrock 4 glenrock 5

John is contemplating if he should jump to the other side (he was curious about a cemetery we saw at the top).  Not really.

glenrock 6

The Napier Mine was an open mine. If you walk between the fenced viewing area and shelter you’ll find a little path in the red dirt. It’s worth taking.

Napier 1 napier 2 napier 3 napier 4 napier 5

metal 1 metal 2 metal 3 metal 4 metal 5 metal 6 metal 7 metal 8

After our wonderful breath of nature we forgot to take our campground walk. Oh well, you can’t be perfect. I got busy making our macaroni salad for the potluck dinner tomorrow. Marie came over to coordinate our plans. She found out that management is supplying all our serve ware as well as the ham.

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Jack’s Branch and Laurel Hill Managed Fishing Lake

4/17/14 Thursday in Hohenwald,TN (Natchez Trace-TT)

Quiet morning, getting caught up with emails and researching cleaning the hot water tank. John doesn’t like to read instructions. I pulled up a video on You Tube. Hmm lots that he didn’t do.

After lunch we figured, as beautiful as it was, we needed to get out of Dodge. On to the Trace where we came to one of the many lovely stops, Jack’s Branch. We’ve figured out that around these parts Branch is their way of saying a branch of a river, so a creek or brook. We took nice stone steps down to the creek. Notice the rock shelf all across the stream.

branch 1 branch 2

Then to our real destination, Laurel Hill, recommended by some friends. I had to get a photo of the sidewalk bridge from the restroom!

lake 1 lake 2 lake 3 lake 4 lake 5 lake 6 lake 7

Wouldn’t you know, we saw Amish enjoying a day off and fishing there, so of course I had to take photos (from behind). There were 3 horses (2 carriages). The last image is of “Mr. Shy” who stood stock still the whole time I was taking pictures, watching me. Was he daring me to take his photo?

amish 1 amish 2 amish 3 amish 4 amish 5

We continued to Lawrenceburg for groceries, then home. Once the food was put away we went for our walk. Both yesterday and today John was the one who proposed our walk; so proud of him.

After our brisk stroll I got back to my book “The Girl Who Played With Fire”. Such a great story!!! It took all my discipline to leave it each time I had to do something else. Now I really want to read the last book of the trilogy. By the way, John rarely reads anything other than Louis L’Amour but he read the 1st book by Stieg Larsson and is now beginning this second book I just finished.

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