10/1/15  (Thursday) in Manteca, CA (Turtle Beach Resort -TT)

It rained all night. At least I heard rain each of the many times I woke up. I’m really glad for the rain, just wish I could sleep better through it. Rough night for John too. So we really took it easy, as we experienced light rain throughout the day. We both actually took that evening walk, then tackled “Mille Borne”. I’d noted the night before that this game was more dependent on luck than strategy and it really proved out that way this time: John got all the luck (Hazard cards to stop me plus 3 of the 4 Safety cards which enabled him to keep rolling out his miles). I, on the other hand, got miles cards but couldn’t get rolling, thanks to the Hazard cards John put on mine. So when he won the game by piles of points we both decided we’d rather play “13”. He won that game too. Just not my night!

10/2/15 (Friday) in Manteca, CA (Turtle Beach Resort -TT) Ambitious Day

THIS morning John decided to clean off Miss Journey’s roof of tree bits and dirt, as well as much of the mud drops left from the wind and rain yesterday on the sides of our coach. Since he was so motivated I couldn’t let him show me up so I got involved cleaning our wood cabinets, a chore I’d been putting off since we left Spokane. By evening John felt he’d had enough exercise but I went walking because mine wasn’t aerobic. During the afternoon and after my walk I spent a lot of time watching Stan Miller art lessons on You Tube. The result: I used more than my allotment of data for this month already (ends Oct. 23). I have thus decided not to post the blog until I have access to good, free WiFi. So consider this the beginning of a blog break. We’re leaving Tuesday (October 6th) for Bass Lake, CA to check out Yosemite National Park.

Goodby from our local Great Heron


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Errand Day

9/30/15  (Wednesday) in Manteca, CA (Turtle Beach Resort -TT)

Our big excitement for today: getting mail (watertight watercolor palette from Amazon.com) and grocery shopping at Safeway. We watched taped TV shows after lunch (John is rubbing off on me), then I drew while John watched his old TV shows until supper. I enjoyed (notice John is now feeling comfortable not coming with me) a lovely walk on a levee/ledge that has such beautiful evening scenes. Each time it’s a different experience. Last night I saw flowers I hadn’t noticed before, tonight I saw a rainbow-its beginning and end. It was so cloudy I didn’t think I’d see anything special, but this was most special. Hard to catch an image of anything well with such low light and a phone camera. The last is what I saw as I turned back for home. These walks are great not just for one’s body, but also for their spirit.

flowers 1

Angel Trumpets

sunset 1 sunset 2 sunset 3

As I’ve noted before, we’re still playing cards at night, before bedtime. This time we decided to do something different, Mille Bornes. I could just feel the new tracks my neurons had to find for this different game.

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Manteca Golf

9/29/15  (Tuesday) in Manteca, CA (Turtle Beach Resort -TT)

John went golfing at Manteca Golf ( beautiful course, reasonably priced, according to John) while I got caught up on computer business this morning. A flock of bluebirds and finches flitted around a tree in our site, so adorable.

bluebird a bluebird b

Our afternoon was pretty comfortable, heat wise, so I was outside reading for awhile, then joined John watching tapes from the morning news and Kelly & Michael. Oh, plus I took a nap. :) I also called Social Security-my appointment (via phone) with our local SS office is set of Nov. 2. So this is a warning that if you want to talk to your local office, your appointment could be a good month or more down the road.

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Golf That Didn’t Happen

9/28/15  (Monday) in Manteca, CA (Turtle Beach Resort -TT)

John left early (6:30) for golf. I got up eventually, enjoying all the lovely quiet (no TV), then after my routine I got busy cleaning house with nice music in the background. I got a message from John-he was headed back, around 9. Hmm. The story: when he arrived he explained that the place was crowded with people getting ready for a tournament. He thought coming early would eliminate crowds. So much for some plans. He got some practice in on the driving range and was assured there would be no crowds tomorrow. He watched his morning TV shows, then we had lunch.

Our afternoon was quiet again: I worked on more images for watercolor and John watched TV. Catch a pattern here? We took a different walk around the campground, then John stopped at the coach to watch Jeopardy and I walked our path again. We enjoyed “Dancing With The Stars” at the end of our day.

sunset 9-28

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Blood Moon

9/27/15  (Sunday) in Manteca, CA (Turtle Beach Resort -TT)

Time to make our big batch of pancakes. It’s quite a deal in our coach; we use the gas stove because the pan that will handle 3 pancakes at a time needs the space it provides, plus we cook our eggs on another burner. Plus all the dishes to make the batter. Luckily Mass was at 10:45 today, so we had time for all of that pancake hoopla before we left.

Another hot day, though it shouldn’t be much over 90. I worked on getting photo ideas for future watercolor classes, including images for me to paint, while John watched golf, then football (Seahawks). The Seahawks won by a landslide!

We did manage a walk after supper, looking for the blood moon. Unfortunately the clouds covered it. Later, when it was dark, John went outside and saw the moon clearly, with just a bit of shadow falling on it, so he said we’d both go out later to see more. Well, later we just saw the whole moon. Oh well, we hope to be alive when the next one comes around in 2033!

sunset 9-27b

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Campground Walk

9/26/15  (Saturday) in Manteca, CA (Turtle Beach Resort -TT)

We slept in again until 8. It was 70 degrees when we got up. Are we sleeping in because the mornings don’t get all that cool, yet aren’t hot. The paddle fan makes our bedroom quite comfortable.

John got to watching golf while I attended to my computer reading/writing business. In the afternoon I was at the lodge copying my notes from Stan Miller lessons into my computer when Connie arrived. We enjoyed more great conversation while watching the egrets and boaters on the river, just outside the window, then walked back to our coaches. She’s leaving for home Sunday, letting her hubby get in more fishing before he comes home in their rig.

As we were getting ready for supper she brought over fried calamari. Yum!!! I loved them, John wouldn’t try them. He did smell them, testifying that he wasn’t interested. When we finished our meal I brought Connie some of my pumpkin seed muffins. She ate one as I talked with her and Frank (hubby) about their next RV purchase (smaller). Before they started their supper she and I went for another walk, this time farther from the campground. What beautiful scenes of the moon, river, and sunset.

walk 2 walk 3

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Watercolor Time; Generator Starts While We’re Home

9/25/15  (Friday) in Manteca, CA (Turtle Beach Resort -TT)

We watched coverage of Pope Francis speaking to the UN. Such great whole world ideas. Ideas for us all to think about and try to put into action. I got some more wash going and John got the bugs off our windshield.

As we were making lunch (using the microwave on top of the A/C while the dryer was running), our generator started up. Well, at least we were here this time. I’d just checked the volts/amps and they were fine shortly before the generator kicked in. So after John checked the surge protector, noting that all was fine, I stopped the generator. All we can figure out at this point is that we might get a spike (earlier in the day I’d seen our voltage meter had read the voltage was high even though our coach readout didn’t show that), so the surge protector ends our connection with the pedestal power, then the EMS (Energy Management System) notes we’re using lots of energy off the battery and starts the generator. Nothing like an extra vigilant surge protector and EMS.

This afternoon I painted. Yes, I had a good time painting watercolor all afternoon. The dam has broken, in large part because of those watercolor lessons I gave Janet and now having time available because we’re not exploring the area. John spent this hot afternoon at the lodge, using their free WiFi to read online magazines.

Supper was a wonderful rendition of our La Jardin dinner last night. Mmm good. Plus I have more leftovers for tomorrow!

As I was taking garbage over to the dump, I got talking with our neighbor, Connie. She said she was about to go on a walk (now that the sun was down) and I said I’d love to join her. We had a great time sharing as we walked. I was pretty sure John would be happy watching his TV shows and not getting dragged off to walk. Such a wonderful day, full of watercolor and conversation.

One of the Great Egrets from yesterday’s time at our backyard at the river.

egret 1

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