Moving on – to Stockbridge, MI

6/18/13 Tuesday at Stockbridge, MI (Heartland Woods RV Resort-RPI-$10/night)

It rained a lot last night. We know because it started around 8:30 pm, then in the morning we had puddles. No leaks! We slept well enough, though, because we had the bedroom air conditioner on for most of the night, thus we didn’t hear it storm.

It did mean more work at getting ready to leave. John had to wipe down the slides (we’d left them all out). When we started to bring in the kitchen/passenger side slide, I could see the bottom moving in and up, but the top was stuck. I let off the button, telling John the top seemed to be stuck. He got out a ladder, then slipped his finger along the wiper seal, to be sure it was able to move. Then we tried again and it got free. Whew!! Can you imagine, if we couldn’t figure it out then, with a slide out, we’d have had to wait, call a mobile RV service and pray they could come today and actually fix the problem. I’m wondering if moisture helps create a kind of suction effect or maybe the new seal that Monaco RV put on that slide to reduce leakage created the situation.

So after 2.5 hours we were able to take off (9:15 am).

We left under full cloud cover, but once we got onto I-94, the blue sky opened up. It is so green here, full of grass and trees. Lots of farms too, of course. My theory is that they get so much rain (with lightening), then sun, that no wonder the ground grows so much so well. Corn that was just a couple inches high when we arrived at Bear Cave is now about 2 feet high (3 weeks later). Michigan has nice curved overpasses, similar to those on the Trace, too.

We stopped at a Pilot Fuel Station outside of Battle Creek. Not a good experience. The lane we pulled into had a truck at the fuel pumps that didn’t move for over ½ hour. The courteous ones all pull up to an area ahead once they’ve gotten their fuel. Another to our left had left his truck, so the trucker honked his horn to get him moving. John finally went into the store to complain, finding out that the store will page the errant trucker. Shortly after that, when the truck still didn’t move, John managed to edge into the lane to our right. It looked to him, once the truck that had been in front of us moved, that both drivers had been in that truck (sleeping?). Sheesh! Of course, it managed to move off before the guys in our new lane did, but at least they were efficient with their business. Funny, we don’t have an appointment to meet, but we are sort of focused and nervous until we are settled down at our new destination. Moving your house is not a simple thing, especially when it needs to be fueled too! We were at that Pilot for 45 minutes.

Something seems to have clicked for me: our last trip in Miss Zanzibar from Monaco RV Service to Bear Cave (40 miles) and now on this one to Stockbridge, I find myself enjoying the scenery and not minding all the road bumps, turns and the like (fridge door opening as we went around a corner). Of course, most of our road is the Interstate, which helps.

We found Heartland Woods okay, then got set up. Finally, lunch at 2 pm. I called Judy to let her know we’re here (left a message), then we went grocery shopping (½ hour away). Of course, we were on our way when John realized he didn’t have the address, so we used the GPS'(Global Positional Service’s) POI (Point of Interest) for directions. How much harder life had to have been for those living in RVs before GPS, Cell phones and the Internet.

Back at home, I called Judy again, connecting. She really wanted to get together before tomorrow, so she drove to OUR place! It takes 45 minutes, so that was pretty special. She got here at 7 pm, remarking on how beautiful it is here. (I’ll share pictures tomorrow). She asked if it’s always so lovely. I said often, especially in TT parks. This is not TT, but it’s a member park (ROD-Resorts of Distinction), so it’s in the same category. Plus “different strokes for different folks”. Some people prefer activities or amenities like satellite TV and sewer over nature. This place is filled with tall trees and small ponds. No sewer connections, though, and few opportunities for satellite TV because of the trees here. We found a great spot in the trees, so even our local TV antenna struggles when there is even a breeze. Hey, we’re not here for the TV, right? Except this is also our home. How many homes in the US don’t have TV? Anyway, we have much less TV here and I’m glad.

We had a great visit with Judy, figuring out when we’ll get together. It’s so wonderful spending time with her. She’s currently writing a book, under contract, can you imagine that? She left hoping to get home before dusk and deer.

We had a luxurious evening reading (me) and peering at spreadsheets (John).


About Patricia Elser

I've always loved the loose, flowing, transparent look of watercolors, of Chinese paintings and their calligraphy, but alas, no watercolor classes were available when I was in school, so that interest remained buried until my children were grown. Even then, I was afraid that I couldn't really paint, so upon my sister's advice, I actually started to take classes. I signed up for every class available, determined to learn no matter how afraid I was. I came upon a teacher, Stan Miller, who inspired me, who opened the door to success in watercolor. I love to look at beautiful images. I want to capture them forever. All my life, photography was how I gathered images of the beauty I saw. Thanks to all that photography, I enjoy composing pictures, especially up close. Watercolors allow me to add more of me in their translation of that beauty. My paintings reflect my love for music and dance, with their rhythm and flow. I am fascinated by the play of light, so it appears in my pictures as drama for they are filled with darks and lights. Maybe it's the challenge, maybe it's the beauty, but now, when a work comes together, it fills my soul.
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