Time With Friends and Splendide Washer/Dryer Tips

5/18/14 Sunday in Jefferson, OH (Kenisee Lake-TT)

After sleeping in I wrote yesterday’s blog, then we attended Mass in Jefferson. At home we had lunch, then just as I was ready to invite our new friends Mike and Peggy over, I noticed John seemed to be involved in a project. He was cleaning out my plugged bathroom sink!!! Most of the clog was in the plunger, thankfully, because there’s no room to take out the p trap-it’s bottom sits on a shelf. Something to watch out for when purchasing an RV-is the plumbing accessible?

When our friends arrived I asked if they’d like to see the rig. They did and were impressed with how nice it is. Peggy asked why in the heck would we want to trade it in? I explained our slide situation. She felt this was more due to time. Maybe, but then this rig is only getting older.

We had a fabulous visit that moved outside because the weather actually got gorgeous-I could feel my skin getting hot in the sunshine. So lovely, watching the bees, butterflies, birds, even hummingbirds stopping by as they flew along on their day’s business. Had to say our goodbys at supper time. They’re leaving tomorrow.

Kenisee 1 Kenisee 2 Kenisee 3

This is Sunday night-stock full of my favorite TV shows: 60 Minutes, Amazing Race, The Good Wife, The Mentalist. John read, then we went to bed at 10, letting the Mentalist tape.

Splendide Washer/Dryer Tips: Mine is a model 2100, so I can only really talk regarding my experiences with it. Washing and Drying all happen in one unit/tub. The lint is sent out the outside vent (be sure your rig has an outside vent for your dryer), as well as sometimes caught in the rubber gasket inside the front of the tub. It helps to check that gasket periodically. In the beginning I could tell that when I ran a dark load, then a light load, the dark lint was in the clothes of the light load. Thus you never have a lint catcher to clean. Because the tub for the wash and dry loads is the same size, you can’t have a full wash load go on to dry. Dryer tubs are usually much larger than washer tubs. SO I can wash 1 pillow case plus 1 sheet in one load. I can wash 2 bath towels, 1 hand towel and 1or 2 wash clothes in one load. They take more time to dry (70 minutes) than less than half a tub of clothes or rags. These take 50 minutes to dry. NOTE: if you have voltage issues, it will take more time to dry. I have found that T-shirts won’t wrinkle if you wash only T-shirts in that load, only 4-5. 6 T-shirts is pushing it. It seems more important for this washer to put the same weight and kind of materials in the same load as well as keeping the load small, in order to avoid wrinkling.

I used to use fabric softener (only the liquid kind-dryer sheets don’t work because you are washing and drying your load), but when I started using microfiber cloths I knew I couldn’t use fabric softener for them. Plus if the previous 10 loads had fabric softener it could get into your microfiber. I have since learned that you can buy a knobby ball (WalMart or Bath store) for softening your clothes. It works and you’re not buying that liquid all the time. I had tried washing without using fabric softener but that resulted in some clothes in a load getting sucked into the holes of the tub and never drying.

Whenever I’ve had any issues with my dryer I’ve called Splendide (1-800-356-0766) and they were a tremendous help. A few items: when your machine doesn’t finish a cycle and instead goes through several clicks, count the clicks. This tells the technician what the issue is. Speaking of clicks, you can push the on/off button to turn it off and after a minute or so (you can hear a small click) you can open the door to check how dry the clothes are. IF you find them dry enough and want to really stop that cycle you need to turn the knob to “Reset” then close the door and click the on button.

I’ve also found that I set the needle just before the line of what I want it to do, because it won’t set ON the line. Also, since I don’t use bleach or pre-wash, I’ve removed the part in that section, since it was just collecting crud.

As one Splendide technician said, it’s very gentle on your clothes. I SO enjoy my Splendide.

About Patricia Elser

I've always loved the loose, flowing, transparent look of watercolors, of Chinese paintings and their calligraphy, but alas, no watercolor classes were available when I was in school, so that interest remained buried until my children were grown. Even then, I was afraid that I couldn't really paint, so upon my sister's advice, I actually started to take classes. I signed up for every class available, determined to learn no matter how afraid I was. I came upon a teacher, Stan Miller, who inspired me, who opened the door to success in watercolor. I love to look at beautiful images. I want to capture them forever. All my life, photography was how I gathered images of the beauty I saw. Thanks to all that photography, I enjoy composing pictures, especially up close. Watercolors allow me to add more of me in their translation of that beauty. My paintings reflect my love for music and dance, with their rhythm and flow. I am fascinated by the play of light, so it appears in my pictures as drama for they are filled with darks and lights. Maybe it's the challenge, maybe it's the beauty, but now, when a work comes together, it fills my soul.
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