Day of Rest and Look at 2014 Winnebago M36 on eBay

7/10/14 Thursday in Rochester, MA (Gateway To Cape Cod-TT/OW)

Another poor night of sleep due to humidity and storms. Sigh.

I called our Camping World Service Writer regarding my issues with their diagnostic fees. Regarding the InvisiBrake installation guarantee he explained that because nothing was broken, they needed to do a diagnostic check to see what was wrong. If we’d gone back to the Kissimmee Camping World, where it had been installed originally, there shouldn’t have needed to be a charge. I noted we are traveling and are unlikely to return to the same Camping World over an installation issue, so the “satisfaction guaranteed” doesn’t seem to pertain to us. He said that if the situation was clear that the other Camping World had “done wrong” then they would ask that CW to reimburse this one in Massachusetts the diagnostic fee. When I shared this with John he noted that Kissimmee may have suggested that we add a charge line and we may have said no. Neither of us remember. Our experience with the Brake Buddy and what we’d learned from the Honda CRV manual and forum conversations was that a charge line wouldn’t be necessary if we didn’t travel over 6-8 hours a day and we don’t. I’m going to consider this fee the cost of learning all this.

As for the Camera/Monitor Jimmy explained that the technician just hadn’t explained all that he’d checked the first time Jimmy talked to him, so we didn’t get the whole story either. Concerning the Microwave, typically the technician won’t delve into a microwave, they just verify what’s not working and then CW subs the work to a specialist. I was misled by the service writer who wrote our appointment up when he said CW would verify if the issue was simply an electrical one. Jimmy will inform that person of his poor communication. Another cost of learning that appliances aren’t dealt with by the normal RV technicians but are subbed to their respective appliance specialists, so they won’t open up the item to diagnose it. Yet we know the Extended Warranty people need an official diagnosis before they’re willing to pay for the repair. The problem with a microwave is the appliance store won’t come to your RV, you must bring the appliance to them. Taking ours out of the rig seems a daunting task to John, so we need someone to come to us. Are there mobile RV technicians who know this kind of work? I bet they’re like the RV technicians in a shop-they need to have a specialist do it. I wonder if a Sears repair person would come.

We had considered going to Boston today but I told John I was needing a rest, so we’ll go easy with today. We have over 2 weeks to see all the amazing history in the area.

John worked on our porch light. He found a cracked wire touching the wall and repaired it all. He also washed our bug decorated windshield. Yay! I worked on the blog, then walked to the pond to take photos (put in yesterdays’ post). My talk with Jimmy helped me calm down and this walk really soothed my soul. Here is a metallic resident bug who sat awhile on our step.

bug 2 bug 3

When on the Internet I saw a friend sent an email about an RV for sale on eBay. I followed the link and eventually called the salesman.  He said he really uses eBay as an advertising tool.  I guess he expects to lure interested parties to call him, which I did!   It was a 2014 Winnebago 36M in Ohio, with a minimum price of $199,997 (set as a hidden reserve on eBay). All they’d give us for trade in was $37,000. Sheesh!! Clearly we can’t afford it. He noted that a 2009 Tiffin Red 36 QSR had just been traded in but John wants more basement storage so the search continues. It did make for a rather tense afternoon, though.

Quiet evening watching TV and reading. John didn’t feel like a walk.



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2 Responses to Day of Rest and Look at 2014 Winnebago M36 on eBay

  1. Vern and Beth says:

    Hi you guys. Just reading your blog about the challenges of RV repairs. We have found that we seldom go to places like camping world. If we need something done, we ask at the campground about a local service person, call them, discuss the problem and get their evaluation as to whether or not they can fix the problem. Most often they are far chaeper and because they work on everything probably more knowledgeable than the “techs” in the big places. We have had refrigerators, hot water heaters, awnings, satelite systems, electrical circuit boards and even engine repairs (high pressure injection pump) repaired right at our campsites by local service people. They also are able (if they are a registered service tech) to take care of your warrantee coverage . They come to you and their rates are often far less per hour. It sounds as if you are having a great time on your East Coast tour. We have as you know sold our trailer and are looking for a fifth wheel that we can tow with the F150. Found them but we are waiting for the prices to drop in the fall when people are desparate to sell. Also we have finished redecorating our “digs” New paint, carpets, layout, counters, sinks taps, valances and finally found (last night at about midnight) the perfect circular carpet for the dinning area. Beth has done an amazing job coordinating all the colors and fixtures. I just have to vacuum the pool and we can spend the wekend “veggin”. Take care and stay safe. Vern and Beth

    • tjelser says:

      Thanks for your suggestions. We generally have preferred small RV repair businesses to large ones. I think we got caught up in wanting the camera/monitor we saw at Camping World plus thinking because it would take time to order such a part, we needed to make arrangements with an RV place down the time line where we could stay for the order time. All the same, This experience has pretty much revealed a lot about Camping World policies. Saw your “ad” on Facebook. (Thousand Trails). Good Luck! So glad to hear your house is shaping up so well.

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