Cruise on the Oasis of the Seas, then Moving on – to Clermont, FL

2/1/15 Sunday in Clermont, FL (Orlando Preserve-TT)

Oasis 1 oasis 2

The first image is a shot just before we left Fort Lauderdale. Oasis of the Seas was the largest Royal Caribbean ship we’ve been on. I was amazed at how soon I learned where everything was as well as how easy it was to walk around. It didn’t seem larger than our prior ships. I think a lot of this was because of their themed areas.  I have to say it was a fabulous experience.  The entertainment was amazing (“Cats”, an aerial show, an ice skating show) and the food so sumptuous.  Such great memories!

Deck 4, Entertainment (Casino, Ice rink and Theaters)

Deck 5, Promenade, where most of the shops (plus Guest Services) resided. Fun music always playing there.

Promenade 1

Deck 6, Boardwalk, where you could ride the carousel, visit candy and ice cream shops as well as get free hot dogs/sausages or pay at Johnny Rockets. Here you also could do rock climbing and see shows in the Aqua Theater.

Boardwalk 1 Boardwalk 2 Boardwalk 3 Boardwalk 4

Deck 8, Central Park. Lovely, with little restaurants and some shops on the sides. Even bird sounds that made you feel so much like you were in a real park. Our stateroom (and our friends’) was just above this park, with a neat window out onto it. We never heard any noise, day or night from our stateroom.

Central Park 1

Deck 14, Sports. Here they have the Zip Line, which I tried for the first time. Love it!!! Everyone else gave it a try as well. They have a Flow Rider, for surfing and boogie boarding. We wanted to give the boogie board a try but the weather got windy and cool once we decided we were ready. Sigh.John zip 2 John zip 3 John zip 4 Trish zip 1

sports 2

We had fun times on the three islands we visited:

Police at Nassau, BahamasBahamas 1

Coral World and Coki Beach at St. Thomas, US Virgin Islandsst thomas 2 (2) st thomas 3 st thomas 4

Planes flying over us at Maho Beach, St. Maarten IslandMaho Beach

As soon as we got back to Wauchula we dropped off our dear friends Karen and Sheri at their rig, then drove to the strawberry farm. Yum!


The rest of our day we enjoyed time with more good friends; John and Denise. We had a great visit with Vern and Beth, even going out to Paul’s Kitchen to share conversation and dinner with them.

Sunday, getting ready to leave went well. Only 1 adventure on the way: John had pulled onto a Home Depot parking lot to go potty but as soon as he hit the water pump button, our “Jacks Down” screech began sounding. All the jacks were up. John started them down, then pushed “Auto Store”. They came up, then the screech stopped. Whew!

When we arrived at Orlando Preserve we found that they’d just started a new process this day. There are over 800 sites here, so before now, they basically told you where to park your rig. Now we could find the empty spot that appealed to us. This place is packed so it is hard to find your spot, compared to other places, but we appreciated the chance to find our own. The last time we camped here the spot they gave us already had someone parked there!! This time we lucked onto a wonderful spot, just vacated by an annual user. We ended up just behind the spot where we were at last year!

The rest of the day I spent doing laundry and cleaning out/organizing my photos for the month of January. John watched golf and worked on our finances. Naturally we watched the Superbowl at night. Such a sad ending……

About Patricia Elser

I've always loved the loose, flowing, transparent look of watercolors, of Chinese paintings and their calligraphy, but alas, no watercolor classes were available when I was in school, so that interest remained buried until my children were grown. Even then, I was afraid that I couldn't really paint, so upon my sister's advice, I actually started to take classes. I signed up for every class available, determined to learn no matter how afraid I was. I came upon a teacher, Stan Miller, who inspired me, who opened the door to success in watercolor. I love to look at beautiful images. I want to capture them forever. All my life, photography was how I gathered images of the beauty I saw. Thanks to all that photography, I enjoy composing pictures, especially up close. Watercolors allow me to add more of me in their translation of that beauty. My paintings reflect my love for music and dance, with their rhythm and flow. I am fascinated by the play of light, so it appears in my pictures as drama for they are filled with darks and lights. Maybe it's the challenge, maybe it's the beauty, but now, when a work comes together, it fills my soul.
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