No Power, No Water

2/10/15 Tuesday in Clermont, FL (Orlando Preserve-TT)

Our day went fairly quietly; line dancing in the morning then work on the blog and business calls in the afternoon. John worked on finance spreadsheets then. Pretty much an at home day. It was cool and windy outside. We even forgot to take our walk before supper.

As we were watching TV, around 7 pm, John noticed that my little living room clock was blank. Oh oh. Sure enough: no power. He went outside to check the pedastal, he ran into some others outside, including Tim. He was told a large area is out of power. In fact, the street lights were out, even the bathroom had no power. With that info I called the ranger, but I only could leave a message on the machine.

At this point we only had the hot water tank on (for showers) and TV and lights so we waited to see if/when the auto gen would kick in. We took our showers using propane to heat the hot water tank, then realizing that the water pressure was dropping. Hmm. After some time we realized it wasn’t going to get low enough and we wanted to have the batteries in good shape before our quiet time shut off time of 10 pm, so we went ahead and turned it on so it would have over an hour to run as well. There will be draws on the batteries: the refrigerator and parasitic draws.

As we tried to brush our teeth before bedtime the water pressure had completely left us, so we used our water pump. So, no power, no water. The campground must use power to pump its water. It’s supposed to get cold tonight too – down to 46 degrees.

When I cuddled down into our warm, cozy bed I thought what a fun adventure! We’re basically boondocking. It also occurred to me how much easier it is to experience a power outage in an RV compared to your home.

P.S. Others were running their generators all night. Maybe they don’t know about quiet hours….?



About Patricia Elser

I've always loved the loose, flowing, transparent look of watercolors, of Chinese paintings and their calligraphy, but alas, no watercolor classes were available when I was in school, so that interest remained buried until my children were grown. Even then, I was afraid that I couldn't really paint, so upon my sister's advice, I actually started to take classes. I signed up for every class available, determined to learn no matter how afraid I was. I came upon a teacher, Stan Miller, who inspired me, who opened the door to success in watercolor. I love to look at beautiful images. I want to capture them forever. All my life, photography was how I gathered images of the beauty I saw. Thanks to all that photography, I enjoy composing pictures, especially up close. Watercolors allow me to add more of me in their translation of that beauty. My paintings reflect my love for music and dance, with their rhythm and flow. I am fascinated by the play of light, so it appears in my pictures as drama for they are filled with darks and lights. Maybe it's the challenge, maybe it's the beauty, but now, when a work comes together, it fills my soul.
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