Moving on – to Whitney, TX

3/29/15 Sunday in Whitney, TX (Lake Whitney-TT)

A brief synopsis of our days with Sharon/Bob:

Wednesday: Reserved campgrounds in the morning, visited with Sharon in the afternoon, splitting to enjoy our own home cooked meals. They’ve recently moved into their new home, just 2 blocks away from the old one.  We got to park in the driveway of their old house and use their electricity and water.  A great place to wash a rig when most campgrounds won’t let you.

Thursday: Did our taxes with Sharon’s help (she works for H&R Block) in the morning. From there we drove to Costco for groceries, then back home for a nap/TV. Didn’t sleep well the night before. Out to dinner with Sharon/Bob at Logan’s Roadhouse for ribs. Yum!

Friday: Washed our clothes at Sharon’s and visited them, naturally. That afternoon John cleaned Miss Journey’s roof, then I cleaned her front and back end caps. The roof was a big job and there are still dark spots that will take more effort/time. Luckily we had the energy to watch Gonzaga play UCLA and win! Now they’re in the Elite Eight for the first time since 1999 (their first time). We all celebrated by going out to Clear Springs Restaurant, famous for their catfish. Mmm Mmm good.

Saturday: We washed the side of Miss Journey that was in shadow, then went with Sharon/Bob to check out the Wellness Fitness Center provided by their county hospital. Nice set up. Right next to their Rehab offices. John and I washed the other side of our coach (now in shadow) after a late lunch, then visited with Sharon/Bob. We all enjoyed a breakfast for dinner at IHOP to top off our day. John and I are gaining weight… We’d hoped to visit some missions and do some other projects on the RV but time just got away from us I guess.

home 1 bob 1 bob 2

On our way Sunday before 8-all to avoid heavy traffic in Austin. Sharon had warned us to stay to the right on I-35 N because it would split around the downtown area. If you stayed left the road stayed on the ground and has lots more merging traffic. If you took the right (Airport), it goes above the city for a while. Fear not, either way merges together soon anyway. Traffic was heavy, but never congested, so all went well.

Adventure wise, the suction cup on my window that holds my GPS to the sky fell off. I got smart and used scotch tape for a temporary fix. Then there was this clunking sound at my wall, like something heavy fell. But I couldn’t see anything. Then I heard a rattle inside the wall to my right. Hmm.

A lot of construction along I-35 N, with 2 lanes going North of pretty smooth road, lots without shoulder areas and many of the exits shifted or just plain closed. Note the speed limit sign. Texans love to drive, I think! Love their bridges. We even went under the bridge that recently was struck by a truck. It’s 14 feet tall. Why aren’t they building new bridges taller?

construction 1 bridges speed limit

It was a hot day and unfortunately, it took 2 hours to finally get settled. Over an hour of it was trying to find a good site. There are lots of trees here, surrounding every site. They make a lovely, private, natural space. They can make it difficult to get a view of the sky for a TV satellite, although the good news is many are not really tall. Many of the sites are either not level or small for us. It is an old campground, so we also have week power (30 amp). 50 amps costs $3/night. We were willing to pay, but couldn’t locate a site that met our other requirements-there aren’t a lot of 50 amp sites available and most were already occupied. They do have full hook ups, along with a number of water/electric only. It’s wonderfully rustic, with a large Adult only pool and hot tub, as well as the family pool in another far away location. Loop A is closer to the Adult activities while Loop D is closer to the family clubhouse. We tried Loop A at first but ended up with a better sewer hook up placement in Loop D. If you’re the sort that loves the woods and privacy I think you’d love it here!

After supper (grilled steaks and green beans) we drove (near Loop A) down to the hot tub. We found a couple already enjoying it. Wow! It was probably 105 degrees, but we really enjoyed it’s benefits and had fun talking with the other couple. Sadly, they’re moving on tomorrow.


About Patricia Elser

I've always loved the loose, flowing, transparent look of watercolors, of Chinese paintings and their calligraphy, but alas, no watercolor classes were available when I was in school, so that interest remained buried until my children were grown. Even then, I was afraid that I couldn't really paint, so upon my sister's advice, I actually started to take classes. I signed up for every class available, determined to learn no matter how afraid I was. I came upon a teacher, Stan Miller, who inspired me, who opened the door to success in watercolor. I love to look at beautiful images. I want to capture them forever. All my life, photography was how I gathered images of the beauty I saw. Thanks to all that photography, I enjoy composing pictures, especially up close. Watercolors allow me to add more of me in their translation of that beauty. My paintings reflect my love for music and dance, with their rhythm and flow. I am fascinated by the play of light, so it appears in my pictures as drama for they are filled with darks and lights. Maybe it's the challenge, maybe it's the beauty, but now, when a work comes together, it fills my soul.
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